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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, folks!  We’ve had a busy season here, as usual around this time of the year.  10865795_873084546047496_2627733808866449947_o

In early November, we performed both as a duo and with the Acrobatic Conundrum at the first ever Vancouver CircusFest, which was a wonderful experience!  We hope to be able to return in the future!

We had a big project Thanksgiving weekend, wherein the Acrobatic Conundrum’s show, A Book is not a Ladder, came to Portland and was presented by the Circus Project!  It was a wonderful melding of our communities – the Circus Project is where we coach and train here in Portland, the Acrobatic Conundrum is our ensemble, contempoary circus adventure, and we performed at the Echo theater, which is where we both got started training in the circus arts decades ago!



Since then, we’ve been grateful to have some down-timefrom performing, wherein we’ve been updating our straps act and continuing to train for the next level of skills.

We’ve had a smattering of wonderful holiday gigs with Animate Objects Physical Theater – next up is a flashy New Year’s Eve event at a casino!

Stay tuned for news about our West Coast Tour with the Acrobatic Conundrum!  Until then, have a restful and joyful holiday season!


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